About Us

Best Friends Bonaire
Help us help rescued animals @Best FriendsBonaire living at Horse Ranch Bonaire

Since January 2013, we have nursed and cared for more than 100 animals in a healthy and social manner, and this obviously entails high costs. We have been able to find a beautiful, new, loving home for many, some did not make it and some will stay with us forever.

Healthcare, medicines, nutrition and veterinary care entail high costs. Your purchases and donations allow us to continue our work!

But you can also adopt one of the animals that live in our shelter remotely from us.

By doing this you support one donkey, horse, chicken, boar, rooster, turtle, dog or cat in particular, but of course all donations benefit all the animals in our care. The adopted animals remain physically in our shelter until they find a permanent home. Some animals stay here until their old age, each with a special story.

You support the foundation in the monthly costs for the animal of your choice. This includes a tailor-made diet, fresh drinking water and preventive measures. It is impossible for us as a foundation to fully cover the financial costs ourselves.

Without help, we are very limited in providing assistance to animals in need. We do not receive any subsidies or support from Bonaire! We run the zoo with our rescue animals, but we also depend on you as friends of the foundation. Together we stand strong against animal suffering on this beautiful island.